Getting and updating routing control states using the Route 53 ARC API (recommended) - Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller
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Getting and updating routing control states using the Route 53 ARC API (recommended)

You can use the Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller API to get or update routing control states by using an Amazon CLI command or by using code that you have developed to use Route 53 ARC API operations with one of the Amazon SDKs. We recommend using API operations, with the CLI or in code, for working with routing control states.

Route 53 ARC offers extreme reliability for failing over across cells by updating routing control states because routing controls are stored in a highly available cluster. Route 53 ARC ensures that at least three out of the five Regional cluster endpoints are always accessible to you to perform routing control state changes. To get or change a routing control state with the API, you connect to one of the Regional cluster endpoints. If the endpoint is unavailable, you can try connecting to another cluster endpoint.

You can view the list of Regional cluster endpoints for your cluster in the Route 53 console, or by using an API action, DescribeCluster. Your process for getting and changing routing control states should try each endpoint in rotation, as needed, since cluster endpoints are cycled through available and unavailable states for regular maintenance and updates.

We provide detailed information and code examples for using the Route 53 ARC API to get and update routing control states, and work with Regional cluster endpoints. See the following for more information: