IAM and permissions for zonal shift - Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller
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IAM and permissions for zonal shift

This section describes how permissions work for the zonal shift feature provided by Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller, especially if you work with the feature from another Amazon service, such as Elastic Load Balancing. To learn about how Route 53 ARC features works with IAM and permissions in general, review the information in How Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller works with IAM.

In addition to the overall permissions information that applies to Route 53 ARC, the following applies to zonal shift for IAM and permissions:

  • Make sure that you have the required permissions for working with zonal shift in Route 53 ARC. For more information, see Route 53 ARC console access and Route 53 ARC actions access.

  • You do not need to add additional Elastic Load Balancing permissions with IAM to work with zonal shifts for managed load balancer resources in your account in Route 53 ARC.

  • An Amazon managed policy that provides full access for Elastic Load Balancing includes permissions for working with zonal shifts. If you use Amazon managed policies for Elastic Load Balancing access, you do not need additional permissions in IAM for zonal shift to start zonal shifts for load balancers or work with in the Elastic Load Balancing console. For more information, see Amazon managed policies for Elastic Load Balancing.