Error: Limit exceeded - Amazon Resource Access Manager
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Error: Limit exceeded


You receive "You have reached the limit on the number of resources you can share" or "ResourceShareLimitExceededException" when trying to share resources.


These errors occur when you reach the maximum number of resources you can share using either the Amazon RAM service or the Amazon Web Service that created the resource you're trying to share. This quota (formerly referred to as a limit) can affect both the sharing account or the account you're sharing the resource with.


  1. To view your quotas, in the Amazon Web Services account where you are seeing the error, navigate to one of the following pages, depending on the type of quota you're reaching:

  2. Scroll down and choose the relevant quota.

  3. If it's available for this quota, choose Request quota increase.

  4. Enter a new value for the quota, and then choose Request.

  5. The request appears on the Quota request history page, where you can check on the status of the request until it's finalized.