Error: "UnknownResourceException" - Amazon Resource Access Manager
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Error: "UnknownResourceException"


You get one of the following errors:

  • "CannotCreateResourceShare: UnknownResourceException: OrganizationalUnit ou-xxxx could not be found"

  • "CannotUpdateResourceShare: UnknownResourceException: OrganizationalUnit ou-xxxx could not be found".


These errors can occur if you enable integration between Amazon RAM and Amazon Organizations by using either the Organizations console or the Organizations EnableAWSServiceAccess API instead of by using the Amazon RAM console. When you enable integration by using the Organizations console or API, the service doesn’t create the AWSServiceRoleForResourceAccessManager role in your account. That role is needed to access information about your organization. Because the role wasn't created, Amazon RAM can’t access details about the accounts or organizational units (OUs) in your organization.


To resolve the issue, turn off integration between Amazon RAM and Amazon Organizations. Then turn it on again by calling the Amazon RAM EnableSharingWithAwsOrganization API operation, or by using the Amazon Web Services Management Console to perform the following steps.

  1. Sign in to your the management account of your organization using an IAM role or user with administrative permissions.

  2. Navigate to the Services page in the Amazon Organizations console.

  3. Choose RAM.

  4. Choose Disable trusted access.

  5. Navigate to the Settings page in the Amazon RAM console.

  6. Select the box Enable sharing with Amazon Organizations, and then choose Save settings.

You should now be able to use Amazon RAM to share your resources with accounts and OUs in the organization.