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JSON_PARSE and its associated functions parse JSON values as SUPER, which Amazon Redshift parses more efficiently than VARCHAR.

Instead of using IS_VALID_JSON_ARRAY, we recommend that you parse your JSON strings using the JSON_PARSE function to get a SUPER value. Then, use the IS_ARRAY function function to confirm that the array is properly formed.

The IS_VALID_JSON_ARRAY function validates a JSON array. The function returns Boolean true if the array is properly formed JSON or false if the array is malformed. To validate a JSON string, use IS_VALID_JSON function

For more information, see JSON functions.





A string or expression that evaluates to a JSON array.

Return type



To create a table and insert JSON strings for testing, use the following example.

CREATE TABLE test_json_arrays(id int IDENTITY(0,1), json_arrays VARCHAR); -- Insert valid JSON array strings -- INSERT INTO test_json_arrays(json_arrays) VALUES('[]'), ('["a","b"]'), ('["a",["b",1,["c",2,3,null]]]'); -- Insert invalid JSON array strings -- INSERT INTO test_json_arrays(json_arrays) VALUES('{"a":1}'), ('a'), ('[1,2,]');

To validate the strings in the preceding example, use the following example.

SELECT json_arrays, IS_VALID_JSON_ARRAY(json_arrays) FROM test_json_arrays ORDER BY id; +------------------------------+---------------------+ | json_arrays | is_valid_json_array | +------------------------------+---------------------+ | [] | true | | ["a","b"] | true | | ["a",["b",1,["c",2,3,null]]] | true | | {"a":1} | false | | a | false | | [1,2,] | false | +------------------------------+---------------------+