SYS_RESTORE_STATE - Amazon Redshift
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Use SYS_RESTORE_STATE to monitor the migration progress of each table during a classic resize. This is specifically applicable when the target node type is RA3. For more information about classic resize to RA3 nodes, see Classic resize.

SYS_RESTORE_STATE is visible only to superusers. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
user_id integer The identifier of the user who submitted the query.
database_name char(64) The name of the database of the table.
schema_id integer The schema ID of the table.
table_id integer The ID of the table.
table_name char(128) The name of the table.
redistribution_status char(128) The status of redistribution progress of the table. Possible values are Completed, In progress, and Pending.
percentage_redistributed float The percentage of the redistribution progress of the table. Possible values are from 0 to 100%. For example, a value of 25 indicates that 25% of the data is redistributed.
redistribution_type char(32) The redistribution type for the table. Either KEY conversion or an EVEN rebalancing task. For more information about distribution styles, see Distribution styles.

Sample queries

The following query returns records for running and queued queries.

SELECT * FROM sys_restore_state;

Sample output.

userid | database_name | schema_id | table_id | table_name | redistribution_status | precentage_redistributed | redistribution_type --------+---------------+-----------+----------+----------------+-----------------------+--------------------------+------------------------- 1 | test1 | 124865 | 124878 | customer_key_4 | Pending | 0 | Rebalance Disteven Table 1 | dev | 124865 | 124874 | customer_key_3 | Pending | 0 | Rebalance Disteven Table 1 | dev | 124865 | 124870 | customer_key_2 | Completed | 100 | Rebalance Disteven Table 1 | dev | 124865 | 124866 | customer_key_1 | In progress | 13.52 | Restore Distkey Table

The following gives you the data-processing status.

SELECT redistribution_status, ROUND(SUM(block_count) / 1024.0, 2) AS total_size_gb FROM sys_restore_state sys inner join stv_tbl_perm stv on sys.table_id = GROUP BY sys.redistribution_status;

Sample output.

redistribution_status | total_size_gb -----------------------+--------------- Completed | 0.07 Pending | 0.71 In progress | 0.20 (3 rows)