PG_USER_INFO - Amazon Redshift
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PG_USER_INFO is an Amazon Redshift system view that shows user information, such as user ID and password expiration time.

Only superusers can see PG_USER_INFO.

Table columns

PG_USER_INFO contains the following columns. For more information, see the PostgreSQL documentation.

Column name Data type Description
usename name The username.
usesysid integer The user ID.
usecreatedb boolean True if the user can create databases.
usesuper boolean True if the user is a superuser.
usecatupd boolean True if the user can update system catalogs.
passwd text The password.
valuntil abstime The password's expiration date and time.
useconfig text[] The session defaults for run-time variables.
useconnlimit text The number of connections that the user can open.