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ADD_MONTHS function

ADD_MONTHS adds the specified number of months to a date or timestamp value or expression. The DATEADD function provides similar functionality.


ADD_MONTHS( {date | timestamp}, integer)


date | timestamp

A column of data type DATE or TIMESTAMP or an expression that implicitly evaluates to a DATE or TIMESTAMP type. If the date is the last day of the month, or if the resulting month is shorter, the function returns the last day of the month in the result. For other dates, the result contains the same day number as the date expression.


A value of data type INTEGER. Use a negative number to subtract months from dates.

Return type



The following query uses the ADD_MONTHS function inside a TRUNC function. The TRUNC function removes the time of day from the result of ADD_MONTHS. The ADD_MONTHS function adds 12 months to each value from the CALDATE column. The values in the CALDATE column are dates.

select distinct trunc(add_months(caldate, 12)) as calplus12, trunc(caldate) as cal from date order by 1 asc; calplus12 | cal ------------+------------ 2009-01-01 | 2008-01-01 2009-01-02 | 2008-01-02 2009-01-03 | 2008-01-03 ... (365 rows)

The following example uses the ADD_MONTHS function to add 1 month to a timestamp.

select add_months('2008-01-01 05:07:30', 1); add_months --------------------- 2008-02-01 05:07:30

The following examples demonstrate the behavior when the ADD_MONTHS function operates on dates with months that have different numbers of days. This example shows how the function handles adding 1 month to March 31 and adding 1 month to April 30. April has 30 days, so adding 1 month to March 31 results in April 30. May has 31 days, so adding 1 month to April 30 results in May 31.

select add_months('2008-03-31',1); add_months --------------------- 2008-04-30 00:00:00 select add_months('2008-04-30',1); add_months --------------------- 2008-05-31 00:00:00