ALTER FUNCTION - Amazon Redshift
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Renames a function or changes the owner. Both the function name and data types are required. Only the owner or a superuser can rename a function. Only a superuser can change the owner of a function.


ALTER FUNCTION function_name ( { [ py_arg_name py_arg_data_type | sql_arg_data_type } [ , ... ] ] ) RENAME TO new_name
ALTER FUNCTION function_name ( { [ py_arg_name py_arg_data_type | sql_arg_data_type } [ , ... ] ] ) OWNER TO { new_owner | CURRENT_USER | SESSION_USER }



The name of the function to be altered. Either specify the name of the function in the current search path, or use the format schema_name.function_name to use a specific schema.

py_arg_name py_arg_data_type | sql_arg_data_type

Optional. A list of input argument names and data types for the Python user-defined function, or a list of input argument data types for the SQL user-defined function.


A new name for the user-defined function.


A new owner for the user-defined function.


The following example changes the name of a function from first_quarter_revenue to quarterly_revenue.

ALTER FUNCTION first_quarter_revenue(bigint, numeric, int) RENAME TO quarterly_revenue;

The following example changes the owner of the quarterly_revenue function to etl_user.

ALTER FUNCTION quarterly_revenue(bigint, numeric) OWNER TO etl_user;