ALTER SYSTEM - Amazon Redshift
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Changes a system-level configuration option for the Amazon Redshift cluster or Redshift Serverless workgroup.

Required privileges

One of the following user types can run the ALTER SYSTEM command:

  • Superuser

  • Admin user


ALTER SYSTEM SET system-level-configuration = {true| t | on | false | f | off}



A system-level configuration. Valid value: data_catalog_auto_mount and metadata_security.

{true| t | on | false | f | off}

A value to activate or deactivate the system-level configuration. A true, t, or on indicates to activate the configuration. A false, f, or off indicates to deactivate the configuration.

Usage notes

For a provisioned cluster, changes to data_catalog_auto_mount take effect on the next reboot of the cluster. For more information, see Rebooting a cluster in the Amazon Redshift Management Guide.

For a serverliess workgroup, changes to data_catalog_auto_mount do not take effect immediately.


The following example turns on automounting the Amazon Glue Data Catalog.

ALTER SYSTEM SET data_catalog_auto_mount = true;

The following example turns on metadata security.

ALTER SYSTEM SET metadata_security = true;