DETACH RLS POLICY - Amazon Redshift
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Detach a row-level security policy on a table from one or more users or roles.

Superusers and users or roles that have the sys:secadmin role can detach a policy.


DETACH RLS POLICY policy_name ON [TABLE] table_name [, ...] FROM { user_name | ROLE role_name | PUBLIC } [, ...]



The name of the policy.

ON [TABLE] table_name [, ...]

The table or view that the row-level security policy is detached from.

FROM { user_name | ROLE role_name | PUBLIC} [, ...]

Specifies whether the policy is detached from one or more specified users or roles.

Usage notes

When working with the DETACH RLS POLICY statement, observe the following:

  • You can detach a policy from a relation, user, role, or public.


The following example detaches a policy on a table from a role.

DETACH RLS POLICY policy_concerts ON tickit_category_redshift FROM ROLE analyst, ROLE dbadmin;