LOWER function - Amazon Redshift
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LOWER function

Converts a string to lowercase. LOWER supports UTF-8 multibyte characters, up to a maximum of four bytes per character.





A VARCHAR string or any expression that evaluates to the VARCHAR type.

Return type


The LOWER function returns a string that is the same data type as the input string. For example, if the input is a CHAR string, the function will return a CHAR string.


The following example uses data from the CATEGORY table in the TICKIT sample database. For more information, see Sample database.

To convert the VARCHAR strings in the CATNAME column to lowercase, use the following example.

SELECT catname, LOWER(catname) FROM category ORDER BY 1,2; +-----------+-----------+ | catname | lower | +-----------+-----------+ | Classical | classical | | Jazz | jazz | | MLB | mlb | | MLS | mls | | Musicals | musicals | | NBA | nba | | NFL | nfl | | NHL | nhl | | Opera | opera | | Plays | plays | | Pop | pop | +-----------+-----------+