Load error reference - Amazon Redshift
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Load error reference

If any errors occur while loading data from a file, query the STL_LOAD_ERRORS table to identify the error and determine the possible explanation. The following table lists all error codes that might occur during data loads:

Load error codes

Error code Description
1200 Unknown parse error. Contact support.
1201 Field delimiter was not found in the input file.
1202 Input data had more columns than were defined in the DDL.
1203 Input data had fewer columns than were defined in the DDL.
1204 Input data exceeded the acceptable range for the data type.
1205 Date format is not valid. See DATEFORMAT and TIMEFORMAT strings for valid formats.
1206 Timestamp format is not valid. See DATEFORMAT and TIMEFORMAT strings for valid formats.
1207 Data contained a value outside of the expected range of 0-9.
1208 FLOAT data type format error.
1209 DECIMAL data type format error.
1210 BOOLEAN data type format error.
1211 Input line contained no data.
1212 Load file was not found.
1213 A field specified as NOT NULL contained no data.
1214 Delimiter not found.
1215 CHAR field error.
1216 Input line is not valid.
1217 Identity column value is not valid.
1218 When using NULL AS '\0', a field containing a null terminator (NUL, or UTF-8 0000) contained more than one byte.
1219 UTF-8 hexadecimal contains an invalid digit.
1220 String contains invalid or unsupported UTF-8 code points.
1221 Encoding of the file is not the same as that specified in the COPY command.
1222 Integer value overflow error.
1223 Data type not valid.
1224 Input data not well formed JSON format or super data type.
8001 COPY with MANIFEST parameter requires full path of an Amazon S3 object.
9005 Invalid end key specified.