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RTRIM function

The RTRIM function trims a specified set of characters from the end of a string. Removes the longest string containing only characters in the trim characters list. Trimming is complete when a trim character does not appear in the input string.


RTRIM( string, trim_chars )



A string column, expression, or string literal to be trimmed.


A string column, expression, or string literal that represents the characters to be trimmed from the end of string. If not specified, a space is used as the trim character.

Return type

A string that is the same data type as the string argument.


The following example trims leading and trailing blanks from the string ' abc ':

select ' abc ' as untrim, rtrim(' abc ') as trim; untrim | trim ----------+------ abc | abc

The following example removes the trailing 'xyz' strings from the string 'xyzaxyzbxyzcxyz'. The trailing occurrences of 'xyz' are removed, but occurrences that are internal within the string are not removed.

select 'xyzaxyzbxyzcxyz' as untrim, rtrim('xyzaxyzbxyzcxyz', 'xyz') as trim; untrim | trim -----------------+----------- xyzaxyzbxyzcxyz | xyzaxyzbxyzc

The following example removes the trailing parts from the string 'setuphistorycassettes' that match any of the characters in the trim_chars list 'tes'. Any t, e, or s that occur before another character that is not in the trim_chars list at the ending of the input string are removed.

SELECT rtrim('setuphistorycassettes', 'tes'); rtrim ----------------- setuphistoryca

The following example trims the characters 'Park' from the end of VENUENAME where present:

select venueid, venuename, rtrim(venuename, 'Park') from venue order by 1, 2, 3 limit 10; venueid | venuename | rtrim --------+----------------------------+------------------------- 1 | Toyota Park | Toyota 2 | Columbus Crew Stadium | Columbus Crew Stadium 3 | RFK Stadium | RFK Stadium 4 | CommunityAmerica Ballpark | CommunityAmerica Ballp 5 | Gillette Stadium | Gillette Stadium 6 | New York Giants Stadium | New York Giants Stadium 7 | BMO Field | BMO Field 8 | The Home Depot Center | The Home Depot Cente 9 | Dick's Sporting Goods Park | Dick's Sporting Goods 10 | Pizza Hut Park | Pizza Hut

Note that RTRIM removes any of the characters P, a, r, or k when they appear at the end of a VENUENAME.