STL_DISK_FULL_DIAG - Amazon Redshift
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Logs information about errors recorded when the disk is full.

STL_DISK_FULL_DIAG is visible only to superusers. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
currenttime bigint The day and time the error was generated in microseconds since January 1, 2000.
node_num bigint The identifier for the node.
query_id bigint The identifier for the query that caused the error.
temp_blocks bigint The number of temporary blocks created by the query.

Sample queries

The following example returns details about the data stored when there is a disk-full error.

select * from stl_disk_full_diag

The following example converts the currenttime to a timestamp.

select '2000-01-01'::timestamp + (currenttime/1000000.0)* interval '1 second' as currenttime,node_num,query_id,temp_blocks from pg_catalog.stl_disk_full_diag;
currenttime | node_num | query_id | temp_blocks ----------------------------+----------+----------+------------- 2019-05-18 19:19:18.609338 | 0 | 569399 | 70982 2019-05-18 19:37:44.755548 | 0 | 569580 | 70982 2019-05-20 13:37:20.566916 | 0 | 597424 | 70869