STL_S3CLIENT_ERROR - Amazon Redshift
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Records errors encountered by a slice while loading a file from Amazon S3.

Use the STL_S3CLIENT_ERROR to find details for errors encountered while transferring data from Amazon S3 as part of a COPY command.

STL_S3CLIENT_ERROR is visible to all users. Superusers can see all rows; regular users can see only their own data. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
userid integer ID of the user who generated the entry.
query integer Query ID. The query column can be used to join other system tables and views. The query ID -1 is for internal use.
sliceid integer Number that identifies the slice where the query was running.
recordtime timestamp Time the record is logged.
pid integer Process ID. All of the queries in a session are run in the same process, so this value remains constant if you run a series of queries in the same session.
http_method character(64) HTTP method name corresponding to the Amazon S3 request.
bucket character(64) Amazon S3 bucket name.
key character(256) Key corresponding to the Amazon S3 object.
error character(1024) Error message.
is_partial integer Value that, if true (1), indicates the input file is split into ranges during a COPY operation. If this value is false (0), the input file isn't split.
start_offset bigint Value that, if the input file is split during a COPY operation, indicates the offset value of the split (in bytes). If the file isn't split, this value is 0.

Usage notes

If you see multiple errors with "Connection timed out", you might have a networking issue. If you're using Enhanced VPC Routing, verify that you have a valid network path between your cluster's VPC and your data resources. For more information, see Amazon Redshift Enhanced VPC Routing.

Sample query

The following query returns the errors from COPY commands completed during the current session.

select query, sliceid, substring(key from 1 for 20) as file, substring(error from 1 for 35) as error from stl_s3client_error where pid = pg_backend_pid() order by query desc;


query | sliceid | file | error --------+---------+--------------------+------------------------------------ 362228 | 12 | part.tbl.25.159.gz | transfer closed with 1947655 bytes 362228 | 24 | part.tbl.15.577.gz | transfer closed with 1881910 bytes 362228 | 7 | part.tbl.22.600.gz | transfer closed with 700143 bytes r 362228 | 22 | part.tbl.3.34.gz | transfer closed with 2334528 bytes 362228 | 11 | part.tbl.30.274.gz | transfer closed with 699031 bytes r 362228 | 30 | part.tbl.5.509.gz | Unknown SSL protocol error in conne 361999 | 10 | part.tbl.23.305.gz | transfer closed with 698959 bytes r 361999 | 19 | part.tbl.26.582.gz | transfer closed with 1881458 bytes 361999 | 4 | part.tbl.15.629.gz | transfer closed with 2275907 bytes 361999 | 20 | part.tbl.6.456.gz | transfer closed with 692162 bytes r (10 rows)