STL_USAGE_CONTROL - Amazon Redshift
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The STL_USAGE_CONTROL view contains information that is logged when a usage limit is reached. For more information about usage limits, see Managing Usage Limits in the Amazon Redshift Management Guide.

STL_USAGE_CONTROL is visible only to superusers. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
eventtime timestamp The time (UTC) when the query exceeded a usage limit.
query integer The query identifier. You can use this ID to join various other system tables and views.
xid bigint The transaction identifier.
pid integer The process identifier associated with the query.
usage_limit_id character(40) A universally unique identifier (UUID) generated by Amazon Redshift, for example 25d9297e-3e7b-41c8-9f4d-c4b6eb731c09.
feature_type character(30) The feature whose usage limit was exceeded. Possible values include CONCURRENCY_SCALING and SPECTRUM.

Sample query

The following SQL example returns some of the information logged when a usage limit is reached.

select query, pid, eventtime, feature_type from stl_usage_control order by eventtime desc limit 5;