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Use SVV_DATASHARE_CONSUMERS to view a list of consumers for a datashare created on a cluster.

SVV_DATASHARE_CONSUMERS is visible to the following users:

  • Superusers

  • Datashare owners

  • Users with ALTER or USAGE permissions on a datashare

Other users can't see any rows. For information on the ALTER and USAGE permissions, see GRANT.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
share_name varchar(128) The name of the datashare.
consumer_account varchar(16) The account ID for the datashare consumer.
consumer_namespace varchar(64) The unique cluster identifier of the datashare consumer cluster.
share_date timestamp without time zone The date that the datashare was shared.

Sample query

The following example returns the output for SVV_DATASHARE_CONSUMERS.

SELECT count(*) FROM svv_datashare_consumers WHERE share_name LIKE 'tickit_datashare%'; 1