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Use SVV_EXTERNAL_SCHEMAS to view information about external schemas. For more information, see CREATE EXTERNAL SCHEMA.

SVV_EXTERNAL_SCHEMAS is visible to all users.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
esoid oid External schema ID.
eskind smallint The type of the external catalog for the external schema: 1 indicates a data catalog, 2 indicates a Hive metastore, 3 indicates a federated query to Aurora PostgreSQL or Amazon RDS PostgreSQL, and 4 indicates a schema for another Amazon Redshift database.
schemaname name External schema name.
esowner integer User ID of the external schema owner.
databasename text External database name.
esoptions text External schema options.


The following example shows details for external schemas.

select * from svv_external_schemas; esoid | eskind | schemaname | esowner | databasename | esoptions -------+--------+------------+---------+--------------+------------------------------------------------------------- 100133 | 1 | spectrum | 100 | redshift | {"IAM_ROLE":"arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/mySpectrumRole"}