TIMESTAMPTZ_CMP_TIMESTAMP function - Amazon Redshift
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TIMESTAMPTZ_CMP_TIMESTAMP compares the value of a timestamp with time zone expression with a timestamp expression. If the timestamp with time zone and timestamp values are identical, the function returns 0. If the timestamp with time zone is greater chronologically, the function returns 1. If the timestamp is greater, the function returns –1.


TIMESTAMPTZ_CMP_TIMESTAMP(timestamptz, timestamp)



A column of data type TIMESTAMPTZ or an expression that implicitly evaluates to a TIMESTAMPTZ type.


A column of data type TIMESTAMP or an expression that implicitly evaluates to a TIMESTAMP type.

Return type



The following example compares timestamps with time zones to timestamps and shows the results of the comparison.

SELECT TIMESTAMPTZ_CMP_TIMESTAMP('2008-01-24 06:43:29+00', '2008-01-24 06:43:29'), TIMESTAMPTZ_CMP_TIMESTAMP('2008-01-24 06:43:29+00', '2008-02-18 02:36:48'), TIMESTAMPTZ_CMP_TIMESTAMP('2008-02-18 02:36:48+00', '2008-01-24 06:43:29'); timestamptz_cmp_timestamp | timestamptz_cmp_timestamp | timestamptz_cmp_timestamp ---------------------------+---------------------------+--------------------------- 0 | -1 | 1