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JSON_SIZE function

The JSON_SIZE function returns the number of bytes in the given SUPER expression when serialized into a string.





A SUPER constant or expression.

Return type


The JSON_SIZE function returns an INTEGER indicating the number of bytes in the input string. This value is different from the number of characters. For example, the UTF-8 character ⬤, a black dot, is 3 bytes in size even though it is 1 character.

Usage notes

JSON_SIZE(x) is functionally identical to OCTET_LENGTH(JSON_SERIALIZE). However, note that JSON_SERIALIZE returns an error when the provided SUPER expression would exceed the VARCHAR limit of the system when serialized. JSON_SIZE does not have this limitation.


To return the length of a SUPER value serialized to a string, use the following example.

SELECT JSON_SIZE(JSON_PARSE('[10001,10002,"⬤"]')); +-----------+ | json_size | +-----------+ | 19 | +-----------+

Note that the provided SUPER expression is 17 characters long, but ⬤ is a 3-byte character, so JSON_SIZE returns 19.