Amazon Redshift
Database Developer Guide
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Values (Default in Bold)

0 (turns off limitation), x milliseconds


Aborts any statement that takes over the specified number of milliseconds.

The statement_timeout value is the maximum amount of time a query can run before Amazon Redshift terminates it. This time includes planning, queueing in WLM, and execution time. Compare this time to WLM timeout (max_execution_time) and a QMR (query_execution_time), which include only execution time.

If WLM timeout (max_execution_time) is also specified as part of a WLM configuration, the lower of statement_timeout and max_execution_time is used. For more information, see WLM Timeout.


Because the following query takes longer than 1 millisecond, it times out and is cancelled.

set statement_timeout to 1; select * from listing where listid>5000; ERROR: Query (150) cancelled on user's request