Conditional dynamic data masking - Amazon Redshift
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Conditional dynamic data masking

You can mask data at the cell level by creating masking policies with conditional expressions in the masking expression. For example, you can create a masking policy that applies different masks to a value, depending on another column's value in that row.

The following is an example of using conditional data masking to create and attach a masking policy that partially redacts credit card numbers involved in fraud, while completely hiding all other credit card numbers. You must be a superuser or have the sys:secadmin role to run this example.

--Create an analyst role. CREATE ROLE analyst; --Create a credit card table. The table contains an is_fraud boolean column, --which is TRUE if the credit card number in that row was involved in a fraudulent transaction. CREATE TABLE credit_cards (id INT, is_fraud BOOLEAN, credit_card_number VARCHAR(16)); --Create a function that partially redacts credit card numbers. CREATE FUNCTION REDACT_CREDIT_CARD (credit_card VARCHAR(16)) RETURNS VARCHAR(16) IMMUTABLE AS $$ import re regexp = re.compile("^([0-9]{6})[0-9]{5,6}([0-9]{4})") match = if match != None: first = last = else: first = "000000" last = "0000" return "{}XXXXX{}".format(first, last) $$ LANGUAGE plpythonu; --Create a masking policy that partially redacts credit card numbers if the is_fraud value for that row is TRUE, --and otherwise blanks out the credit card number completely. CREATE MASKING POLICY card_number_conditional_mask WITH (fraudulent BOOLEAN, pan varchar(16)) USING (CASE WHEN fraudulent THEN REDACT_CREDIT_CARD(pan) ELSE Null END); --Attach the masking policy to the credit_cards/analyst table/role pair. ATTACH MASKING POLICY card_number_conditional_mask ON credit_cards (credit_card_number) USING (is_fraud, credit_card_number) TO ROLE analyst PRIORITY 100;