Unloading data in delimited or fixed-width format - Amazon Redshift
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Unloading data in delimited or fixed-width format

You can unload data in delimited format or fixed-width format. The default output is pipe-delimited (using the '|' character).

The following example specifies a comma as the delimiter:

unload ('select * from venue') to 's3://mybucket/tickit/venue/comma' iam_role 'arn:aws:iam::0123456789012:role/MyRedshiftRole' delimiter ',';

The resulting output files look like this:

20,Air Canada Centre,Toronto,ON,0 60,Rexall Place,Edmonton,AB,0 100,U.S. Cellular Field,Chicago,IL,40615 200,Al Hirschfeld Theatre,New York City,NY,0 240,San Jose Repertory Theatre,San Jose,CA,0 300,Kennedy Center Opera House,Washington,DC,0 ...

To unload the same result set to a tab-delimited file, issue the following command:

unload ('select * from venue') to 's3://mybucket/tickit/venue/tab' iam_role 'arn:aws:iam::0123456789012:role/MyRedshiftRole' delimiter as '\t';

Alternatively, you can use a FIXEDWIDTH specification. This specification consists of an identifier for each table column and the width of the column (number of characters). The UNLOAD command will fail rather than truncate data, so specify a width that is at least as long as the longest entry for that column. Unloading fixed-width data works similarly to unloading delimited data, except that the resulting output contains no delimiting characters. For example:

unload ('select * from venue') to 's3://mybucket/tickit/venue/fw' iam_role 'arn:aws:iam::0123456789012:role/MyRedshiftRole' fixedwidth '0:3,1:100,2:30,3:2,4:6';

The fixed-width output looks like this:

20 Air Canada Centre Toronto ON0 60 Rexall Place Edmonton AB0 100U.S. Cellular Field Chicago IL40615 200Al Hirschfeld Theatre New York CityNY0 240San Jose Repertory TheatreSan Jose CA0 300Kennedy Center Opera HouseWashington DC0

For more details about FIXEDWIDTH specifications, see the UNLOAD command.