Time zone abbreviations - Amazon Redshift
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Time zone abbreviations

The following SQL statement returns the valid time zone abbreviations that can be specified with the CONVERT_TIMEZONE function.

select pg_timezone_abbrevs();

The results contain a comma-separated string with the time zone abbreviation, UTC offset, and indicator if the time zone observes daylight-savings (t or f). For example, the following snippet shows two resulting rows. The first row contains the abbreviation for Pacific Daylight Time PDT, with a -07:00:00 offset from UTC, and t to indicate it observes daylight-savings time. The second row contains the abbreviation for Pacific Standard Time PST, with a -08:00:00 offset from UTC, and f to indicate it does not observe daylight-savings time.

pg_timezone_abbrevs -------------------- (PDT,-07:00:00,t) (PST,-08:00:00,f)

Run the SQL statement to obtain the entire list and find an abbreviation based on its offset and daylight-savings indicator. Approximately 200 rows are returned.