Step 4: Create the sample tables - Amazon Redshift
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Step 4: Create the sample tables

For this tutorial, you use a set of five tables based on the Star Schema Benchmark (SSB) schema. The following diagram shows the SSB data model.

The SSB tables might already exist in the current database. If so, drop the tables to remove them from the database before you create them using the CREATE TABLE commands in the next step. The tables used in this tutorial might have different attributes than the existing tables.

To create the sample tables
  1. To drop the SSB tables, run the following commands in your SQL client.

    drop table part cascade; drop table supplier; drop table customer; drop table dwdate; drop table lineorder;
  2. Run the following CREATE TABLE commands in your SQL client.

    CREATE TABLE part ( p_partkey INTEGER NOT NULL, p_name VARCHAR(22) NOT NULL, p_mfgr VARCHAR(6), p_category VARCHAR(7) NOT NULL, p_brand1 VARCHAR(9) NOT NULL, p_color VARCHAR(11) NOT NULL, p_type VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, p_size INTEGER NOT NULL, p_container VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL ); CREATE TABLE supplier ( s_suppkey INTEGER NOT NULL, s_name VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, s_address VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, s_city VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL, s_nation VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL, s_region VARCHAR(12) NOT NULL, s_phone VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL ); CREATE TABLE customer ( c_custkey INTEGER NOT NULL, c_name VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, c_address VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, c_city VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL, c_nation VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL, c_region VARCHAR(12) NOT NULL, c_phone VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL, c_mktsegment VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL ); CREATE TABLE dwdate ( d_datekey INTEGER NOT NULL, d_date VARCHAR(19) NOT NULL, d_dayofweek VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL, d_month VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL, d_year INTEGER NOT NULL, d_yearmonthnum INTEGER NOT NULL, d_yearmonth VARCHAR(8) NOT NULL, d_daynuminweek INTEGER NOT NULL, d_daynuminmonth INTEGER NOT NULL, d_daynuminyear INTEGER NOT NULL, d_monthnuminyear INTEGER NOT NULL, d_weeknuminyear INTEGER NOT NULL, d_sellingseason VARCHAR(13) NOT NULL, d_lastdayinweekfl VARCHAR(1) NOT NULL, d_lastdayinmonthfl VARCHAR(1) NOT NULL, d_holidayfl VARCHAR(1) NOT NULL, d_weekdayfl VARCHAR(1) NOT NULL ); CREATE TABLE lineorder ( lo_orderkey INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_linenumber INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_custkey INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_partkey INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_suppkey INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_orderdate INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_orderpriority VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL, lo_shippriority VARCHAR(1) NOT NULL, lo_quantity INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_extendedprice INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_ordertotalprice INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_discount INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_revenue INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_supplycost INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_tax INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_commitdate INTEGER NOT NULL, lo_shipmode VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL );

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