Regions where data sharing is available (preview) - Amazon Redshift
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Regions where data sharing is available (preview)

This is prerelease documentation for the multi-data warehouse writes through data sharing feature for Amazon Redshift, which is available in public preview in the PREVIEW_2023 track. The documentation and the feature are both subject to change. We recommend that you use this feature only with test clusters, and not in production environments. For preview terms and conditions, see Beta Service Participation in Amazon Service Terms.

If you haven't created a datashare yet on the PREVIEW_2023 track, go to Sharing write access to data (Preview) to get started.

The following regions have data sharing available, in preview:

  • US East (N. Virginia) (us-east-1)

  • US East (Ohio) (us-east-2)

  • US West (Oregon) (us-west-2)

  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo) (ap-northeast-1)

  • Europe (Ireland) (eu-west-1)

  • Europe (Stockholm) (eu-north-1)