Registering the driver class - Amazon Redshift
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Registering the driver class

Make sure that you register the appropriate class for your application. You use following classes to connect the Amazon Redshift JDBC driver to Amazon Redshift data stores:

  • Driver classes extend java.sql.Driver.

  • DataSource classes extend javax.sql.DataSource and javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource.

The driver supports the following fully qualified class names that are independent of the JDBC version:



The following example shows how to use the DriverManager class to establish a connection for JDBC 4.2.

private static Connection connectViaDM() throws Exception { Connection connection = null; connection = DriverManager.getConnection(CONNECTION_URL); return connection; }

The following example shows how to use the DataSource class to establish a connection.

private static Connection connectViaDS() throws Exception { Connection connection = null; 11 Amazon Redshift JDBC Driver Installation and Configuration Guide DataSource ds = new (); ds.setURL(CONNECTION_URL); connection = ds.getConnection(); return connection; }