Managing Amazon Backup with Amazon Redshift - Amazon Redshift
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Managing Amazon Backup with Amazon Redshift

To protect resources on your Amazon Redshift provisioned clusters, you can use the Amazon Backup console, or programmatically use the Amazon Backup API or Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI). When you need to recover a resource, you can use either the Amazon Backup console or the Amazon CLI to find and recover the resource you need. For more information, see Amazon Command Line Interface.

When using Amazon Backup for Amazon Redshift, you can perform the following actions:

  • Create periodic backups that automatically initiate Amazon Redshift snapshots. Periodic backups are useful to meet your long-term data retention needs. For more information, see Amazon Redshift backups.

  • Automate backup scheduling and retention by centrally configuring backup plans.

  • Restore a cluster to the saved backup you choose. You set how often to back up your resources. For more information, see Restore an Amazon Redshift cluster.