Amazon Redshift cluster subnet groups - Amazon Redshift
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Amazon Redshift cluster subnet groups


You create a cluster subnet group if you are provisioning your cluster in your virtual private cloud (VPC). For more information about VPC, see the Amazon VPC product detail page.

Your VPC can have one or more subnets, a subset of IP addresses within your VPC, that enable you to group your resources based on your security and operation needs. A cluster subnet group allows you to specify a set of subnets in your VPC. When provisioning a cluster you provide the subnet group and Amazon Redshift creates the cluster on one of the subnets in the group.

For more information about creating a VPC, go to Amazon VPC User Guide Documentation.

After creating a subnet group, you can remove subnets you previously added or add more subnets. Amazon Redshift provides API operations for you to create, modify or delete a cluster subnet group. You can also perform these operations in the console.