AutoMLAlgorithmConfig - Amazon SageMaker
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The collection of algorithms run on a dataset for training the model candidates of an Autopilot job.



The selection of algorithms run on a dataset to train the model candidates of an Autopilot job.


Selected algorithms must belong to the list corresponding to the training mode set in AutoMLJobConfig.Mode (ENSEMBLING or HYPERPARAMETER_TUNING). Choose a minimum of 1 algorithm.

  • In ENSEMBLING mode:

    • "catboost"

    • "extra-trees"

    • "fastai"

    • "lightgbm"

    • "linear-learner"

    • "nn-torch"

    • "randomforest"

    • "xgboost"


    • "linear-learner"

    • "mlp"

    • "xgboost"

Type: Array of strings

Array Members: Maximum number of 11 items.

Valid Values: xgboost | linear-learner | mlp | lightgbm | catboost | randomforest | extra-trees | nn-torch | fastai

Required: Yes

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