Autotune - Amazon SageMaker
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A flag to indicate if you want to use Autotune to automatically find optimal values for the following fields:

  • ParameterRanges: The names and ranges of parameters that a hyperparameter tuning job can optimize.

  • ResourceLimits: The maximum resources that can be used for a training job. These resources include the maximum number of training jobs, the maximum runtime of a tuning job, and the maximum number of training jobs to run at the same time.

  • TrainingJobEarlyStoppingType: A flag that specifies whether or not to use early stopping for training jobs launched by a hyperparameter tuning job.

  • RetryStrategy: The number of times to retry a training job.

  • Strategy: Specifies how hyperparameter tuning chooses the combinations of hyperparameter values to use for the training jobs that it launches.

  • ConvergenceDetected: A flag to indicate that Automatic model tuning (AMT) has detected model convergence.



Set Mode to Enabled if you want to use Autotune.

Type: String

Valid Values: Enabled

Required: Yes

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