HyperParameterTuningInstanceConfig - Amazon SageMaker
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The configuration for hyperparameter tuning resources for use in training jobs launched by the tuning job. These resources include compute instances and storage volumes. Specify one or more compute instance configurations and allocation strategies to select resources (optional).



The number of instances of the type specified by InstanceType. Choose an instance count larger than 1 for distributed training algorithms. See SageMaker distributed training jobs for more information.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 0.

Required: Yes


The instance type used for processing of hyperparameter optimization jobs. Choose from general purpose (no GPUs) instance types: ml.m5.xlarge, ml.m5.2xlarge, and ml.m5.4xlarge or compute optimized (no GPUs) instance types: ml.c5.xlarge and ml.c5.2xlarge. For more information about instance types, see instance type descriptions.

Type: String

Valid Values: ml.m4.xlarge | ml.m4.2xlarge | ml.m4.4xlarge | ml.m4.10xlarge | ml.m4.16xlarge | ml.g4dn.xlarge | ml.g4dn.2xlarge | ml.g4dn.4xlarge | ml.g4dn.8xlarge | ml.g4dn.12xlarge | ml.g4dn.16xlarge | ml.m5.large | ml.m5.xlarge | ml.m5.2xlarge | ml.m5.4xlarge | ml.m5.12xlarge | ml.m5.24xlarge | ml.c4.xlarge | ml.c4.2xlarge | ml.c4.4xlarge | ml.c4.8xlarge | ml.p2.xlarge | ml.p2.8xlarge | ml.p2.16xlarge | ml.p3.2xlarge | ml.p3.8xlarge | ml.p3.16xlarge | ml.p3dn.24xlarge | ml.p4d.24xlarge | ml.c5.xlarge | ml.c5.2xlarge | ml.c5.4xlarge | ml.c5.9xlarge | ml.c5.18xlarge | ml.c5n.xlarge | ml.c5n.2xlarge | ml.c5n.4xlarge | ml.c5n.9xlarge | ml.c5n.18xlarge | ml.g5.xlarge | ml.g5.2xlarge | ml.g5.4xlarge | ml.g5.8xlarge | ml.g5.16xlarge | ml.g5.12xlarge | ml.g5.24xlarge | ml.g5.48xlarge | ml.trn1.2xlarge | ml.trn1.32xlarge

Required: Yes


The volume size in GB of the data to be processed for hyperparameter optimization (optional).

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 1.

Required: Yes

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