LabelingJobDataSource - Amazon SageMaker
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Provides information about the location of input data.

You must specify at least one of the following: S3DataSource or SnsDataSource.

Use SnsDataSource to specify an SNS input topic for a streaming labeling job. If you do not specify and SNS input topic ARN, Ground Truth will create a one-time labeling job.

Use S3DataSource to specify an input manifest file for both streaming and one-time labeling jobs. Adding an S3DataSource is optional if you use SnsDataSource to create a streaming labeling job.



The Amazon S3 location of the input data objects.

Type: LabelingJobS3DataSource object

Required: No


An Amazon SNS data source used for streaming labeling jobs. To learn more, see Send Data to a Streaming Labeling Job.

Type: LabelingJobSnsDataSource object

Required: No

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