SpaceSettings - Amazon SageMaker
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A collection of space settings.



The type of app created within the space.

Type: String

Valid Values: JupyterServer | KernelGateway | TensorBoard | RStudioServerPro | RSessionGateway | JupyterLab | CodeEditor

Required: No


The Code Editor application settings.

Type: SpaceCodeEditorAppSettings object

Required: No


A file system, created by you, that you assign to a space for an Amazon SageMaker Domain. Permitted users can access this file system in Amazon SageMaker Studio.

Type: Array of CustomFileSystem objects

Array Members: Maximum number of 1 item.

Required: No


The settings for the JupyterLab application.

Type: SpaceJupyterLabAppSettings object

Required: No


The JupyterServer app settings.

Type: JupyterServerAppSettings object

Required: No


The KernelGateway app settings.

Type: KernelGatewayAppSettings object

Required: No


The storage settings for a private space.

Type: SpaceStorageSettings object

Required: No

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