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Contains information about a target platform that you want your model to run on, such as OS, architecture, and accelerators. It is an alternative of TargetDevice.



Specifies a target platform accelerator (optional).

  • NVIDIA: Nvidia graphics processing unit. It also requires gpu-code, trt-ver, cuda-ver compiler options

  • MALI: ARM Mali graphics processor

  • INTEL_GRAPHICS: Integrated Intel graphics

Type: String


Required: No


Specifies a target platform architecture.

  • X86_64: 64-bit version of the x86 instruction set.

  • X86: 32-bit version of the x86 instruction set.

  • ARM64: ARMv8 64-bit CPU.

  • ARM_EABIHF: ARMv7 32-bit, Hard Float.

  • ARM_EABI: ARMv7 32-bit, Soft Float. Used by Android 32-bit ARM platform.

Type: String

Valid Values: X86_64 | X86 | ARM64 | ARM_EABI | ARM_EABIHF

Required: Yes


Specifies a target platform OS.

  • LINUX: Linux-based operating systems.

  • ANDROID: Android operating systems. Android API level can be specified using the ANDROID_PLATFORM compiler option. For example, "CompilerOptions": {'ANDROID_PLATFORM': 28}

Type: String

Valid Values: ANDROID | LINUX

Required: Yes

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