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Specifies a production variant property type for an Endpoint.

If you are updating an endpoint with the RetainAllVariantProperties option of UpdateEndpointInput set to true, the VariantProperty objects listed in the ExcludeRetainedVariantProperties parameter of UpdateEndpointInput override the existing variant properties of the endpoint.



The type of variant property. The supported values are:

  • DesiredInstanceCount: Overrides the existing variant instance counts using the InitialInstanceCount values in the ProductionVariants of CreateEndpointConfig.

  • DesiredWeight: Overrides the existing variant weights using the InitialVariantWeight values in the ProductionVariants of CreateEndpointConfig.

  • DataCaptureConfig: (Not currently supported.)

Type: String

Valid Values: DesiredInstanceCount | DesiredWeight | DataCaptureConfig

Required: Yes

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