Access the profile data - Amazon SageMaker
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Access the profile data

The SMDebug TrainingJob class reads data from the S3 bucket where the system and framework metrics are saved.

To set up a TrainingJob object and retrieve profiling event files of a training job

from smdebug.profiler.analysis.notebook_utils.training_job import TrainingJob tj = TrainingJob(training_job_name, region)

You need to specify the training_job_name and region parameters to log to a training job. There are two ways to specify the training job information:

  • Use the SageMaker Python SDK while the estimator is still attached to the training job.

    import sagemaker training_job_name=estimator.latest_training_job.job_name region=sagemaker.Session().boto_region_name
  • Pass strings directly.

    training_job_name="your-training-job-name-YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS-SSS" region="us-west-2"

By default, SageMaker Debugger collects system metrics to monitor hardware resource utilization and system bottlenecks. Running the following functions, you might receive error messages regarding unavailability of framework metrics. To retrieve framework profiling data and gain insights into framework operations, you must enable framework profiling.

To retrieve a description of the training job description and the S3 bucket URI where the metric data are saved

tj.describe_training_job() tj.get_config_and_profiler_s3_output_path()

To check if the system and framework metrics are available from the S3 URI

tj.wait_for_sys_profiling_data_to_be_available() tj.wait_for_framework_profiling_data_to_be_available()

To create system and framework reader objects after the metric data become available

system_metrics_reader = tj.get_systems_metrics_reader() framework_metrics_reader = tj.get_framework_metrics_reader()

To refresh and retrieve the latest training event files

The reader objects have an extended method, refresh_event_file_list(), to retrieve the latest training event files.

system_metrics_reader.refresh_event_file_list() framework_metrics_reader.refresh_event_file_list()