Access Notebook Instances - Amazon SageMaker
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Access Notebook Instances

To access your Amazon SageMaker notebook instances, choose one of the following options:

  • Use the console.

    Choose Notebook instances. The console displays a list of notebook instances in your account. To open a notebook instance with a standard Jupyter interface, choose Open Jupyter for that instance. To open a notebook instance with a JupyterLab interface, choose Open JupyterLab for that instance.

    The console uses your sign-in credentials to send a CreatePresignedNotebookInstanceUrl API request to SageMaker. SageMaker returns the URL for your notebook instance, and the console opens the URL in another browser tab and displays the Jupyter notebook dashboard.


    The URL that you get from a call to CreatePresignedNotebookInstanceUrl is valid only for 5 minutes. If you try to use the URL after the 5-minute limit expires, you are directed to the Amazon Web Services Management Console sign-in page.

  • Use the API.

    To get the URL for the notebook instance, call the CreatePresignedNotebookInstanceUrl API and use the URL that the API returns to open the notebook instance.

Use the Jupyter notebook dashboard to create and manage notebooks and to write code. For more information about Jupyter notebooks, see