Shut Down Resources - Amazon SageMaker
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Shut Down Resources


As of November 30, 2023, the previous Amazon SageMaker Studio experience is now named Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic. The following section is specific to using the Studio Classic application. For information about using the updated Studio experience, see Amazon SageMaker Studio.

You can shut down individual resources, including notebooks, terminals, kernels, apps, and instances. You can also shut down all resources in one of these categories at the same time.


Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic does not support shutting down resources from within a notebook.

Shut Down an Open Notebook

You can shut down an open notebook from the Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic File menu or from the Running Terminal and Kernels pane.


When you shut down a notebook, any unsaved information in the notebook is lost. The notebook is not deleted.

To shut down an open notebook from the File menu
  1. Optionally, save the notebook contents by choosing the Disk icon on the left of the notebook menu.

  2. Choose File then Close and Shutdown Notebook.

  3. Choose OK.

Shut Down Resources

You can reach the Running Terminals and Kernels pane on the left side of Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic with the icon. The Running Terminals and Kernels pane consists of four sections. Each section lists all the resources of that type. You can shut down each resource individually or shut down all the resources in a section at the same time.

When you choose to shut down all resources in a section, the following occurs:

  • RUNNING INSTANCES/RUNNING APPS – All instances, apps, notebooks, kernel sessions, consoles/shells, and image terminals are shut down. System terminals aren't shut down.


    When you shutdown the Studio Classic notebook instances, any additional resources, such as SageMaker endpoints, Amazon EMR clusters, and Amazon S3 buckets created from Studio Classic are not deleted. Delete those resources to stop accrual of charges.

  • KERNEL SESSIONS – All kernels, notebooks and consoles/shells are shut down.

  • TERMINAL SESSIONS – All image terminals and system terminals are shut down.

To shut down resources
  1. In the left sidebar, choose the Running Terminals and Kernels icon ( ).

  2. Do either of the following:

    • To shut down a specific resource, choose the Shut Down icon ( ) on the same row as the resource.

      For running instances, a confirmation dialog lists all the resources that will be shut down. For running apps, a confirmation dialog is displayed. Choose Shut down all to proceed.


      No confirmation dialog is displayed for kernel sessions or terminal sessions.

    • To shut down all resources in a section, choose the X to the right of the section label. A confirmation dialog is displayed. Choose Shut down all to proceed.