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Amazon SageMaker Training Compiler


Amazon Web Services (Amazon) announces that there will be no new releases or versions of SageMaker Training Compiler. You can continue to utilize SageMaker Training Compiler through the existing Amazon Deep Learning Containers (DLCs) for SageMaker Training. It is important to note that while the existing DLCs remain accessible, they will no longer receive patches or updates from Amazon, in accordance with the Amazon Deep Learning Containers Framework Support Policy.

Use Amazon SageMaker Training Compiler to train deep learning (DL) models faster on scalable GPU instances managed by SageMaker.

What Is SageMaker Training Compiler?

State-of-the-art deep learning (DL) models consist of complex multi-layered neural networks with billions of parameters that can take thousands of GPU hours to train. Optimizing such models on training infrastructure requires extensive knowledge of DL and systems engineering; this is challenging even for narrow use cases. Although there are open-source implementations of compilers that optimize the DL training process, they can lack the flexibility to integrate DL frameworks with some hardware such as GPU instances.

SageMaker Training Compiler is a capability of SageMaker that makes these hard-to-implement optimizations to reduce training time on GPU instances. The compiler optimizes DL models to accelerate training by more efficiently using SageMaker machine learning (ML) GPU instances. SageMaker Training Compiler is available at no additional charge within SageMaker and can help reduce total billable time as it accelerates training.

SageMaker Training Compiler is integrated into the Amazon Deep Learning Containers (DLCs). Using the SageMaker Training Compiler–enabled Amazon DLCs, you can compile and optimize training jobs on GPU instances with minimal changes to your code. Bring your deep learning models to SageMaker and enable SageMaker Training Compiler to accelerate the speed of your training job on SageMaker ML instances for accelerated computing.

How It Works

SageMaker Training Compiler converts DL models from their high-level language representation to hardware-optimized instructions. Specifically, SageMaker Training Compiler applies graph-level optimizations, dataflow-level optimizations, and backend optimizations to produce an optimized model that efficiently uses hardware resources. As a result, you can train your models faster than when you train them without compilation.

It is a two-step process to activate SageMaker Training Compiler for your training job:

  1. Bring your own DL script and, if needed, adapt to compile and train with SageMaker Training Compiler. To learn more, see Bring Your Own Deep Learning Model.

  2. Create a SageMaker estimator object with the compiler configuration parameter using the SageMaker Python SDK.

    1. Turn on SageMaker Training Compiler by adding compiler_config=TrainingCompilerConfig() to the SageMaker estimator class.

    2. Adjust hyperparameters (batch_size and learning_rate) to maximize the benefit that SageMaker Training Compiler provides.

      Compilation through SageMaker Training Compiler changes the memory footprint of the model. Most commonly, this manifests as a reduction in memory utilization and a consequent increase in the largest batch size that can fit on the GPU. In some cases, the compiler intelligently promotes caching which leads to a decrease in the largest batch size that can fit on the GPU. Note that if you want to change the batch size, you must adjust the learning rate appropriately.

      For a reference for batch_size tested for popular models, see Tested Models.

      When you adjust the batch size, you also have to adjust the learning_rate appropriately. For best practices for adjusting the learning rate along with the change in batch size, see SageMaker Training Compiler Best Practices and Considerations.

    3. By running the class method, SageMaker compiles your model and starts the training job.

    For instructions on how to launch a training job, see Enable SageMaker Training Compiler.

SageMaker Training Compiler does not alter the final trained model, while allowing you to accelerate the training job by more efficiently using the GPU memory and fitting a larger batch size per iteration. The final trained model from the compiler-accelerated training job is identical to the one from the ordinary training job.


SageMaker Training Compiler only compiles DL models for training on supported GPU instances managed by SageMaker. To compile your model for inference and deploy it to run anywhere in the cloud and at the edge, use SageMaker Neo compiler.