Automated SAP NetWeaver on Amazon installation prerequisites - SAP NetWeaver on Amazon
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Automated SAP NetWeaver on Amazon installation prerequisites

In addition to the prerequisites described in the Automation prerequisites section of this guide, verify the following prerequisites that are specific to automated SAP installation:

  • You must have an existing infrastructure deployed.

    The example described in this guide uses a SAP HANA database, an SAP Central Services (ASCS) instance, and a database instance. The Amazon for SAP blog has a Terraform your SAP Infrastructure on Amazon example.

  • SAP media files must be available.

    You must provide the SAP installation media files, which are obtained from SAP, in an Amazon S3 bucket. For more information, see Make SAP application software available for Amazon Launch Wizard for SAP to deploy SAP in the Amazon Launch Wizard User Guide. If you use the sample code provided in this guide, the media files are copied to local Amazon Elastic Block Store volumes.

SAP Notes

Read the following SAP Note:

Additional references

Before you begin, you can also familiarize yourself with how SAP works on Amazon by reading the following documentation: