Automation troubleshooting - SAP NetWeaver on Amazon
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Automation troubleshooting

If you encounter errors related to SAP automation, refer to the Troubleshooting Systems Manager Automation documentation in the Amazon Systems Manager User Guide. There, you will find an action-specific failures reference as well as information about common errors such as access denied errors and errors related to timed out or failed statuses after the execution started.

Logging installation steps

You can log individual automated installation steps with the code below. In this example, logs are added to $SSM_LOG_FILE for each run command.

action: "aws:runShellScript" name: "Validate_Installation" inputs: runCommand: - #!/bin/bash - sid=echo {{ Sid }} | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'}`` - SID=echo {{ Sid }} | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'}`` - HOSTNAME=hostname`` - SIDADM=${sid}adm - su - $SIDADM -c "stopsap $HOSTNAME" | tee -a $SSM_LOG_FILE - su - $SIDADM -c "startsap $HOSTNAME" | tee -a $SSM_LOG_FILE - sleep 15 - _SAP_UP=$(netstat -an | grep 3200 | grep tcp | grep LISTEN | wc -l ) - echo "This is the value of SAP_UP - $_SAP_UP" | tee -a $SSM_LOG_FILE - if [ "$_SAP_UP" -eq 1 ] - then - echo "$(date) __ done installing ASCS." | tee -a $SSM_LOG_FILE - exit 0 - else - echo "$(date) __ ASCS could not be installed successfully. Fix the issue and rerun the automation" | tee -a $SSM_LOG_FILE - exit 1 - fi