Cluster status - SAP NetWeaver on Amazon
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Cluster status

Remove the cluster from maintenance mode and check the status by running the following commands.

# pcs property set maintenance-mode=false
# pcs status Cluster name: rhelha Stack: corosync Current DC: hahost02 (version 1.1.19-8.el7_6.5-c3c624ea3d) - partition with quorum Last updated: Mon Apr 26 02:27:39 2021 Last change: Mon Apr 26 02:26:25 2021 by root via cibadmin on hahost01 2 nodes configured 7 resources configured Online: [ hahost01 hahost02 ] Full list of resources: clusterfence (stonith:fence_aws): Started hahost02 Resource Group: rsc_ASCS00_group rsc_fs_ascs00 (ocf::heartbeat:Filesystem): Started hahost01 rsc_vip_ascs00 (ocf::heartbeat:aws-vpc-move-ip): Started hahost01 rsc_ascs00 (ocf::heartbeat:SAPInstance): Started hahost01 Resource Group: rsc_ERS10_group rsc_fs_ers10 (ocf::heartbeat:Filesystem): Started hahost02 rsc_vip_ers10 (ocf::heartbeat:aws-vpc-move-ip): Started hahost02 rsc_ers10 (ocf::heartbeat:SAPInstance): Started hahost02 Daemon Status: corosync: active/enabled pacemaker: active/enabled pcsd: active/enabled