Operating systems for SAP NetWeaver HA - SAP NetWeaver on Amazon
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Operating systems for SAP NetWeaver HA

You can deploy your SAP workload on any of the following:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications (SLES for SAP)

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP with High Availability and Update Services (RHEL for SAP with HA and US)

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions (RHEL for SAP Solutions)

SLES for SAP and RHEL for SAP with HA and US systems are available in the Amazon Marketplace on an hourly or annual subscription model.


We strongly recommend using SLES for SAP instead of SLES for all of your SAP workloads. SLES for SAP has multiple benefits, including extended service pack overlap support (ESPOS), options for configuring and tuning packages for SAP applications, and high availability extensions (HAE). For more information, see SUSE SLES for SAP.

If you plan to use bring your own subscription (BYOS) images by SUSE, you will need a registration code. The code is required to register your instance with SUSE, and to access repositories for software updates.

RHEL for SAP with HA and US

RHEL for SAP with HA and US provides access to Red Hat Pacemaker cluster software for high availability, to extended update support, and to libraries that are required to configure the pacemaker cluster. For more information, see RHEL for SAP offerings on Amazon FAQ.

RHEL for SAP Solutions

If you use plan to use the bring your own subscription (BYOS) model with RHEL by using the Red Hat Cloud access program or another means, ensure that you have access to a RHEL for SAP solutions subscription. For more details, see the Overview of RHEL for SAP solutions subscription. The correct subscription is required to download the required packages for configuring the Pacemaker cluster.

SAP Notes

Ensure that you have read and implemented the SAP Notes relevant to your choice of OS:

SAP Note Description
1656099 SAP Applications on Amazon: Supported DB/OS and Amazon Amazon EC2 products
1984787 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12: Installation Notes
2578899 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15: Installation Notes
1275776 Linux: Preparing SLES for SAP environments
2002167 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x: Installation and Upgrade
2772999 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x: Installation and Configuration