Code examples with guidance for the Amazon SDK for C++ - Amazon SDK for C++
Services or capabilities described in Amazon Web Services documentation might vary by Region. To see the differences applicable to the China Regions, see Getting Started with Amazon Web Services in China.

Code examples with guidance for the Amazon SDK for C++

If you are new to Amazon or the Amazon code examples, we recommend you start with Getting started on code examples.

This section selects several Amazon services and guides you through the examples using them. For other service examples (but without additional guidance beyond the code) see Additional code examples.

Source code that shows how to work with Amazon services using the Amazon SDK for C++ is available in the Amazon Code Examples Repository on GitHub. The following examples are a subset of what is available on Github.

Service examples with additional explanation (see Amazon Code Examples Repository for full list)
Service Summary of what the service provides to your program

Amazon CloudWatch

Collects and monitors metrics for Amazon resources you are using

Amazon DynamoDB

A NoSQL database service

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

Secure, resizable compute capacity

Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Create and manage Amazon users and groups, and use permissions to control access to Amazon resources

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Data storage and retrieval (objects into buckets)

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

Message queuing service to send, store, and receive messages between software components

There are also examples that show how to use Asynchronous methods.

To propose a new code example to the Amazon documentation team, follow the guidance on the Readme on GitHub to create a new request. The team prefers to create code examples that show broad scenarios rather than individual API calls.

Using the Code Examples on Windows

If you are building the examples on Windows with SDK version 1.9, see Troubleshooting build issues.