Use a specific credentials provider or provider chain - Amazon SDK for Java 2.x
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Use a specific credentials provider or provider chain

As an alternative to the default credentials provider chain, you can specify which credentials provider the SDK should use. When you supply a specific credentials provider, the SDK skips the process of checking various locations, which slightly reduces the time to create a service client.

For example, if you set your default configuration using environment variables, supply an EnvironmentVariableCredentialsProvider object to the credentialsProvider method on the service client builder, as in the following code snippet.

Region region = Region.US_WEST_2; DynamoDbClient ddb = DynamoDbClient.builder() .region(region) .credentialsProvider(EnvironmentVariableCredentialsProvider.create()) .build();

For a complete list of credential providers and provider chains, see All Known Implementing Classes in AwsCredentialsProvider.


You can use your own credentials provider or provider chains by implementing the AwsCredentialsProvider interface.