Use an EnhancedDocument without DynamoDB - Amazon SDK for Java 2.x
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Use an EnhancedDocument without DynamoDB

Although you usually use an instance of an EnhancedDocument to read and write document-type DynamoDB items, it can also be used independently of DynamoDB.

You can use EnhancedDocuments for their ability to convert between JSON strings or custom objects to low-level maps of AttributeValues as shown in the following example.

public static void conversionWithoutDynamoDbExample() { Address address = new Address(); address.setCity("my city"); address.setState("my state"); address.setStreet("my street"); address.setZipCode("00000"); // Build an EnhancedDocument instance for its conversion functionality alone. EnhancedDocument addressEnhancedDoc = EnhancedDocument.builder() // Important: You must specify attribute converter providers when you build an EnhancedDocument instance not used with a DynamoDB table. .attributeConverterProviders(new CustomAttributeConverterProvider(), DefaultAttributeConverterProvider.create()) .put("addressDoc", address, Address.class) .build(); // Convert address to a low-level item representation. final Map<String, AttributeValue> addressAsAttributeMap = addressEnhancedDoc.getMapOfUnknownType("addressDoc");"addressAsAttributeMap: {}", addressAsAttributeMap.toString()); // Convert address to a JSON string. String addressAsJsonString = addressEnhancedDoc.getJson("addressDoc");"addressAsJsonString: {}", addressAsJsonString); // Convert addressEnhancedDoc back to an Address instance. Address addressConverted = addressEnhancedDoc.get("addressDoc", Address.class);"addressConverted: {}", addressConverted.toString()); } /* Console output: addressAsAttributeMap: {zipCode=AttributeValue(S=00000), state=AttributeValue(S=my state), street=AttributeValue(S=my street), city=AttributeValue(S=my city)} addressAsJsonString: {"zipCode":"00000","state":"my state","street":"my street","city":"my city"} addressConverted: Address{street='my street', city='my city', state='my state', zipCode='00000'} */

When you use an enhanced document independent of a DynamoDB table, make sure you explicitly set attribute converter providers on the builder.

In contrast, the document table schema supplies the converter providers when an enhanced document is used with a DynamoDB table.