Build enhanced documents - Amazon SDK for Java 2.x
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Build enhanced documents

An EnhancedDocument represents a document-type object that has complex structure with nested attributes. An EnhancedDocument requires top-level attributes that match the primary key attributes specified for the DocumentTableSchema. The remaining content is arbitrary and can consist of top-level attributes and also deeply nested attributes.

You create an EnhancedDocument instance by using a builder that provides several ways to add elements.

Build from a JSON string

With a JSON string, you can build an EnhancedDocument in one method call. The following snippet creates an EnhancedDocument from a JSON string returned by the jsonPerson() helper method. The jsonPerson() method returns the JSON string version of the person object shown previously.

EnhancedDocument document = EnhancedDocument.builder() .json( jsonPerson() ) .build());

Build from individual elements

Alternatively, you can build an EnhancedDocument instance from individual components using type-safe methods of the builder.

The following example builds a person enhanced document similar to the enhanced document that is built from the JSON string in the previous example.

/* Define the shape of an address map whose JSON representation looks like the following. Use 'addressMapEnhancedType' in the following EnhancedDocument.builder() to simplify the code. "home": { "zipCode": "00000", "city": "Any Town", "state": "FL", "street": "123 Any Street" }*/ EnhancedType<Map<String, String>> addressMapEnhancedType = EnhancedType.mapOf(EnhancedType.of(String.class), EnhancedType.of(String.class)); // Use the builder's typesafe methods to add elements to the enhanced document. EnhancedDocument personDocument = EnhancedDocument.builder() .putNumber("id", 50) .putString("firstName", "Shirley") .putString("lastName", "Rodriguez") .putNumber("age", 53) .putNull("nullAttribute") .putJson("phoneNumbers", phoneNumbersJSONString()) /* Add the map of addresses whose JSON representation looks like the following. { "home": { "zipCode": "00000", "city": "Any Town", "state": "FL", "street": "123 Any Street" } } */ .putMap("addresses", getAddresses(), EnhancedType.of(String.class), addressMapEnhancedType) .putList("hobbies", List.of("Theater", "Golf"), EnhancedType.of(String.class)) .build();
private static String phoneNumbersJSONString() { return " [" + " {" + " \"type\": \"Home\"," + " \"number\": \"555-0140\"" + " }," + " {" + " \"type\": \"Work\"," + " \"number\": \"555-0155\"" + " }" + " ]"; } private static Map<String, Map<String, String>> getAddresses() { return Map.of( "home", Map.of( "zipCode", "00002", "city", "Any Town", "state", "ME", "street", "123 Any Street")); }