Profile file changes - Amazon SDK for Java 2.x
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Profile file changes

The Amazon SDK for Java 2.x parses the profile definitions in ~/.aws/config and ~/.aws/credentials to more closely emulate the way the Amazon CLI parses the files.

The SDK for Java 2.x:

  • Resolves a ~/ or ~ followed by the file system's default path separator at the start of the path by checking, in order, $HOME, $USERPROFILE (Windows only), $HOMEDRIVE, $HOMEPATH (Windows only), and then the user.home system property.

  • Looks for the AWS_SHARED_CREDENTIALS_FILE environment variable instead of AWS_CREDENTIAL_PROFILES_FILE.

  • Silently drops profile definitions in configuration files without the word profile at the beginning of the profile name.

  • Silently drops profile definitions that do not consist of alphanumeric, underscore or dash characters (after the leading profile word has been removed for configuration files).

  • Merges settings of profile definitions duplicated within the same file.

  • Merges settings of profile definitions duplicated in both the configuration and credentials files.

  • Does NOT merge settings if both [profile foo] and [foo] are found in the same file.

  • Uses settings in [profile foo] if both [profile foo] and [foo] are found in the configuration file.

  • Uses the value of the last duplicated setting in the same file and profile.

  • Recognizes both ; and # for defining a comment.

  • Recognizes ; and # in profile definitions to define a comment, even if the characters are adjacent to the closing bracket.

  • Recognizes ; and # to define a comment only in setting values only if they are preceded by whitespace.

  • Recognizes ; and # and all following content in setting values if they are not preceded by whitespace.

  • Considers role-based credentials the highest-priority credentials. The 2.x SDK always uses role-based credentials if the user specifies the role_arn property.

  • Considers session-based credentials the second-highest-priority credentials. The 2.x SDK always uses session-based credentials if role-based credentials were not used and the user specifies the aws_access_key_id and aws_session_token properties.

  • Uses basic credentials if role-based and session-based credentials are not used and the user specified the aws_access_key_id property.